Metallic collection

Metallic collection


Dimensions tiles 100x100 mm
The price is per square meter


The cost is for production and shipping to EU.

Handmade ceramics. Painted with glazes.
The base material is stoneware.

Multiple high temperature firings.
Water absorption less than 1%.
Frost resistance of at least 200 cycles according to EN ISO 10545.

The most valuable merit of handmade ceramic tiles is the glaze coating effects. There is an extremely rich variety of such effects: nacre, metallization, algae, sparks, water ripples, space and much more. As a result, on large swaths of facade cladding, such ceramic tiles will sparkle and shimmer in the sun, producing a stunning impression on the viewer with shades of color – different under different lighting conditions.

You can simulate a lot of different effects by applying various glazing and firing technologies.

To create glaze effects, we use several methods: from the use of ready-made spectacular glazes of German production to special technologies of multiple firings with the application of several layers of different glazes that interact at different temperatures in different ways to achieve the desired effect.

Now you see a tiles with a metallic effect.

375 € per sq.meter