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660х600х15 mm


The cost is for the production, shipping to EU.

Panel base - white-burning fireclay;
Glaze, painting on raw enamel;
High temperature firing.
Resistant to heat and frost.

This chinoiserie ceramic murals  is the Seasons triptych, made for the fireplace in the Chinese style with plants and birds, full of symbolism and amulets with hidden meanings.

The meanings concealed within the symbols in these Chinese paintings are very interesting. There will be three panels on the fireplace, each of which symbolizes its time of year: herons and oranges stand for spring (and the new year), lotus and emperor ducks are summer, fish and maples – autumn.

In addition to direct indications of the seasons, each of the images carries a ‘protective’ meaning – oranges give happiness and prosperity to the house, lotus – purity and peace, maple – wisdom and perseverance.

The hieroglyphics on the panel describe not only the images, but also their meanings – happiness, peace, wisdom, etc.

To have such images in the house is an Oriental tradition consistent with the Feng Shui philosophy. Our chinoiserie ceramic murals will not only decorate the fireplace in the customer’s house, but will also present symbols of happiness and faith of the oriental men of wisdom.

2 625 €