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The price is per square meter of painting


The cost is for production and shipping to EU.

Handmade ceramics. Painted with glazes.
The base material is stoneware (porcelain tile).
Multiple high temperature firings.
Water absorption less than 1%.
Frost resistance of at least 200 cycles according to EN ISO 10545.

House is lined with our facade ceramic murals with delicate watercolor compositions made using the multilayer glaze painting technique.

Olga Abramova’s magnificent flowering gardens, which we transferred from pastel to ceramic, came into bloom on the facade of the house on Rublevskoye chaussee. Extraordinarily delicate in color, complex, but light floral arrangements adorned the brick house and added color to the strict brickwork, adding subtle accents to the facade.

Part of the niches is lined with multi-colored mosaic tiles to support the majolica mural – the mosaic is placed in a gradient manner with a stretch of color and tone from darker and colder shades to lighter and warmer.

The majolica on the facade gently gleams, unobtrusively shading the surface of the walls with colored watercolor glare and adding elegant charm to the whole house.

900 € per sq.meter