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Flowers and birds

Flowers and birds


500x500x10 mm


The cost is for the production and shipping to EU.

Ceramics. Stoneware. Glazes.
Multiple high temperature firings.
Completely handmade.

An elegant Renaissance ceramic mural  with birds drinking from a pot surrounded by acanthus leaves and delicate curls.

The main decorative principle of the Renaissance era was the highest picturesqueness of the ornament, since during this period all types of decorative arts were under the exclusive influence of painting. Hence the iridescence, attention to detail and colorful variety of paintings.

As a result, paradise birds, flowers, people in colorful clothes flourish on Renaissance ceramics. Landscapes have a multi-colored perspective; the sky, trees, ships, buildings – all this is made in the spirit of the greatest Renaissance painters – Titian, Veronese, Botticelli. The decorative image acquires the depth and richness of multi-colored reflexes.

Our ceramic mural is made in the tradition of the Italian Renaissance majolica. It contains watercolor airiness, the accuracy of the stroke and the majolica colorfulness of the picturesque Renaissance.

1 400 €