Tiled Fireplace Rose hip

Tiled Fireplace Rose hip


1500х925х3950 mm


The cost is for the production.
Installation and shipping can be requested, but will require additional calculations.

Faience chamotte, impressive glazes, completely handmade.

The idea of the this Art Nouveau Tiled Fireplace was born under the impression of a tiled stove from the beginning of the 20th century made by Meissner, which we saw with a customer at the CeramArch Museum of Ceramics in St. Petersburg. The project, of course, was redesigned to meet modern needs and realities, but the basic decorative idea and the harmonious architecture of the antique stove have been preserved in it.

The Art Nouveau Tiled Fireplace gives the impression of an antique priceless heirloom. 

The stucco panels with stylized rose hips are covered with metallized glaze, which enhances the antique impression by imitating reduction firing, which was widely used in the decoration of ceramics in the late 19th – early 20th centuries.

The  Art Nouveau tiled fireplace turned out incredible! The plays of the olive majolica give the ceramics depth and radiance, metallics shade the relief, adding some discreet charm and placing emphasis on the flowers and leaves of rose hips.

22 625 €