English-style tiled fireplace

English-style tiled fireplace


Cladding dimensions 1400x1400x900 mm


The cost is for the production.
Installation and shipping can be requested, but will require additional calculations.

Faience chamotte, glazes, completely handmade.

English-style tiled fireplace with panoramic ceramic mural encircling the fireplace around the perimeter. Our artist transferred a monochrome replica of the painting by the English artist Thomas Blinks to this pictorial mural.

Thomas Blinks (1853-1910) was an English artist, who specialized on depiction of animals, mainly dogs and horses, as well as various hunting scenes. Thomas Blinks was very popular and his paintings are rightfully considered one of the best animal works of his time.

This picture was chosen by us because of its composition, where dogs jumping over the hedge form a kind of compositional arch that ideally fits the architecture of the fireplace with an arched vault of the furnace.

In addition, the picture was horizontally reflected by us so that the movement of the dogs was directed from left to right, since filling the side of the fireplace was planned precisely on the right side. The left side of the fireplace is turned towards the wall, so this part of the mural should have been left with a minimum amount of painting.

English-style tiled fireplace fits well into the customer’s interior and looks organically at home.

7 750 €