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Kachelofen und kamine

Fliese Wandbild

Relief Wandbild

Nahtlose Platte


Brillante Fliesen




Dimensions tiles 150х225 mm
The price is per one tile


The cost is for production

Handmade ceramics. Painted with glazes.
Semi-faience fire-clay ware

Multiple high temperature firings.

These are relief tile for stoves and fireplaces with depictions of highly stylized european towns. Rows of dollhouses with whimsically decorated roofs — this is our rework of a famous architectural motif made in the style of cloisonne and painted with glazes.

Authorship of this motif belongs to Namfleg jewelry company — a manufacturer of accessories with hot enamel for whom we have made four ceramic stoves in many cities in Europe.

The stoves that imitate classic German potbelly stoves of previous centuries were painted white and clad with our Namfleg «Houses» tiles and other ceramic elements. All of the four stoves are functional, however they are not used for heating, but for firing — inside the stoves are muffle furnaces, where Namfleg jewelers fire their enamels on master classes or in shops.

Each stove’s design stylistically suits the town it is in: in Split we have used the Italian theme with classic majolica ornaments. In Santorini — blue and white gamut, in Mykonos — red and white color scheme and a ceramic mural with depictions of iconic Greek windmills with characteristic umbrella blades. Our relief tiles, which reflect the motifs of Namfleg’s enamels, had been employed on every single one of these stoves.

53 €