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Dimensions tiles 175x175х20 mm
The price is per one tile


The cost is for production

Handmade ceramics. Painted with glazes.
Semi-faience fire-clay ware

Multiple high temperature firings.

These are relief tiles for cladding facades, fireplaces and stoves in moorish and neo-russian styles. An exceptionally thin relief that imitates the cloisonné, with very clear and delicate lines of relief and multicolored enamel(?) of various textures: a combination of glossy and matte surfaces. There are two types of reliefs in the series.

The tiles are perfect for cladding facades or decorating interiors. They also look splendid on fireplaces or stoves in combination with smooth tiles or brick.
These tiles also suit with our Fairytale series – they are very well combined with smooth tiles and mythological creatures.

These tiles were designed at the beginning of the XX century by artists of the Stroganov art school in Moscow for their dormitories.

53 €