Dimensions tiles 175x175 mm
The price is per one tile


The cost is for production

Handmade ceramics. Painted with glazes.
Semi-faience fire-clay ware

Multiple high temperature firings.

These are carved relief tiles with fairytale characters based on Ivan Bilibin’s illustrations and painted in various color gamuts.

The tiles have inverse relief – unlike the normal relief where the image itself is voluminous, it is the contours of the image that have depth.

This technique replicates the cloisonné, though instead of using metal wire welded to a base as a divider for glaze the clay of the tile is used. The resulting cells are filled with various glazes, and then the relief tile undergoes firing.

These reliefs are also well suited with the Arabesque tiles of the same size (175×175 mm) and with Russian Art Nouveau motifs stylized in neo-russian style. They perfectly compliment one another with sizes and the overall mood.

Titular page of the Russian fairytales with Bilibin’s illustrations served as our inspiration for these reliefs.

55 €