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Frosty tree

Frosty tree


800x600x12 mm


The cost is for production and shipping to EU.

Ceramics. Semi-faience.

The mural is created in relief slab technique; the painting is made double glazing technique.

Multiple high temperature firings.
Completely handmade.

We present to you a relief ceramic mural with a stylized tree in the style of Jugendstil (art nouveau, modern).

This mural is based on early 20th century works of Meissner Material ofenfabrik workshop.

This relief ceramic mural was made for an Art Nouveau style stove which you can see on this page.

We chose two shades of the mint-colored glaze for the stove. The leaves were decorated in such a way as to create an effect of frost on them.

Thus our voluminous, wonderful and splendid snow tree was born. It is the main decorative element and semantic core of our mint-colored stove.

The mural is created in slab technique; the painting is made in majolica technique.

3000 €