Notre atelier de céramique est une association d’artistes et de céramistes, dont beaucoup sont membres de différents sociétés professionnelles et associations basées sur l’artisanat familial.
C’est pourquoi nos œuvres sont originales même lorsque nous retravaillons de célèbres objets d’art historiques ou utilisons des moules standards.
C’est aussi pourquoi vous avez de la chance d’obtenir des œuvres d’art exceptionnelles pour votre maison en un seul exemplaire. Même lorsque nous utilisons des moules standards, nous y toujours ajoutons un élémant unique pour eux: carreaux au bas-relief, céramiques sculptées, fresques ou glaçures au effets brillantes multicouche compliqués.

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Panneaux en carrelage

Panneaux en carrelage

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Coffee collection

Coffee collection


Dimensions tiles 100x100 mm
The price is per square meter


The cost is for production and shipping to EU.

Handmade ceramics. Painted with glazes.
The base material is stoneware.

Multiple high temperature firings.
Water absorption less than 1%.
Frost resistance of at least 200 cycles according to EN ISO 10545.

We would like to showcase a house quite interesting in its architecture, completed in the neo-constructivism style, which had its façade decorated with coffee-toned handmade ceramic tiles.

And although the classical constructivism would not recall using this material from a completely different era, the prefix ‘neo-‘ almost indefinitely expands the possibilities of style, presenting only one requirement – recognition.

Architects from the Design-Capital bureau designed a beautiful facade that retained the features of classical constructivism, but also made references to the futuristic architecture of Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s authorship.

What looked especially interesting to us was the usage of the brushstroke technique for painting facade tiles, and the combination of nine closely matching glazes gave the coating the colored nacre effect, where ceramics work with texture, surface, pattern, but not color. As a result, the majolica on the facade gently gleams, diversifying the monotony of the plastered walls with its watercolor strokes.

Coffee collection handmade ceramic tiles.

312 € per sq.meter