About Russian Majolica

Russian Majolica

Our ceramic atelier is an association of artists and ceramists many of whom are members of various professional societies and associations based on family craft businesses.

This is why our works are of authorship even when we rework famous historical objects of art or use our standard molds.

This is also why you can get exceptional art objects made for your home in one singular exemplar. Even when they are made using our standard molds, there’s always a unique component to them: low relief murals, carved ceramics, art murals or complex multilayered brilliant glazing.

Pine Cones

Pine Cones


875x350x12 mm
(These are the dimensions of the mural featured in the photos. You can order the mural with any dimensions)


The cost is for production and shipping to EU.

Ceramics. Semi-faience.

The panel is created in slab technique; the painting is made double glazing technique.

Multiple high temperature firings.
Completely handmade.

This is an elegant  handmade relief ceramic mural for the stove in the Northern art Nouveau style.

A 20th century stove in Vyborg made by the Finnish Abo pottery plant (Åbo kakelfabriks aktiebolag (AKF) – Turun kaakelitehdas (TKT)) served as an inspiration for this mural – the stove has a wonderful ceramic mural with stylized pine cones and needles in it’s pediment.

In terms of composition, our mural reflects the original. However the overall mood of the mural has been changed – the mural has been made feminine – due to the stylization carried out by our sculptor. The lines of the branches echo the motifs in our “National Romanticism” series’ tiles, which we have also used in the Northern stove. The stylized needles gather into wavy bouquets, which along with round cones are scattered on the nodular pine branch.

The relief ceramic mural is created in slab technique; the painting is made in majolica technique.

1400 €