About Russian Majolica

Russian Majolica

Our ceramic atelier is an association of artists and ceramists many of whom are members of various professional societies and associations based on family craft businesses.

This is why our works are of authorship even when we rework famous historical objects of art or use our standard molds.

This is also why you can get exceptional art objects made for your home in one singular exemplar. Even when they are made using our standard molds, there’s always a unique component to them: low relief murals, carved ceramics, art murals or complex multilayered brilliant glazing.


Look at our art murals! On endless tile carpets sprawled entire world galleries of canvasses – from classic Chinese paintings to Victorian realism of Alma-Tadema – no obstacles exist for our artists for they have academies of art and painting under their belts.


Look at the masterful strokes, fine color gradients, complex transitions of shades – all of that and more is done not on canvasses, but on ceramics, where such painting is a blind leap of faith, for after a high-temperature firing the colors change and we get a completely different painting.


We need to guess future colors while painting to get desired results. And we are doing splendidly, creating works that will pass centuries, fixating wonderful works of masters of yore on ceramics and bringing over to your home a part of the world art.


Depending on where our ceramic murals will end up being used, we make them out of two different types of tiles. For kitchen backsplashes and fireplace decoration we employ faience chamotte clay, which we fire at 1200 degrees Celsius.



For facades or outdoors – stoneware with water absorption of less than 1%. This material allows our murals to reside on houses for decades while weathering colds and multiple passages through 0 degrees.



In any case the art on our murals is done by our artists only with their own hands. Based on what material we have used we either employ classic majolica technique or paint with multilayered glazes.