About Russian Majolica

Russian Majolica

Our ceramic atelier is an association of artists and ceramists many of whom are members of various professional societies and associations based on family craft businesses.

This is why our works are of authorship even when we rework famous historical objects of art or use our standard molds.

This is also why you can get exceptional art objects made for your home in one singular exemplar. Even when they are made using our standard molds, there’s always a unique component to them: low relief murals, carved ceramics, art murals or complex multilayered brilliant glazing.


Decorating the interior of your house with handmade ceramics is exactly what allows you to add warmth and life to the interior as well as make it truly unique, singular and belonging only to you.


Look at the plays of light and glazes on the relief surfaces of our ceramic murals! Look at the shimmers and sparks, at the depth of color, at the lively glimmer of colored crystal made still for centuries!


Can any other art compare with this? Perhaps yes. But only handmade ceramics can live in your house, not in a museum.


We make our tiled stoves and fireplace from faience clay with grog.


This allows us to make white bisques on which glazes look especially vibrant and smooth. The surface of the ceramic becomes glossy and the color intense, which is important when translucent glazes are used.


The chamotte grog in clay lets us make complex and large elements which antique the fireplaces and make them look spectacular.


Craquelure is almost ubiquitous in our ceramics, especially so on crystal glazes, for it is the craquelure that gives our stoves and fireplaces their charm and vintage feel.