About Russian Majolica

Russian Majolica

Our ceramic atelier is an association of artists and ceramists many of whom are members of various professional societies and associations based on family craft businesses.

This is why our works are of authorship even when we rework famous historical objects of art or use our standard molds.

This is also why you can get exceptional art objects made for your home in one singular exemplar. Even when they are made using our standard molds, there’s always a unique component to them: low relief murals, carved ceramics, art murals or complex multilayered brilliant glazing.

Tilia Fireplace

Tilia Fireplace


Fireplace dimensions (height-width-depth): 3500x1550x850 mm


The price listed is exclusively for the ceramic cladding.

Installation and shipping can be requested, but will require additional calculations.

Chamotte faience, glazes
Multiple high temperature firings
Entirely handmade

Another Northern Art Nouveau tiled stove of a subtle blue colour in a translucent majolica glaze.

The fireplace was designed after an elegant antique fireplace in Samara, produced by the Meissen manufactory. Generally, we are constantly inspired by antique furnaces, but this stove is a particular delight and we have used elements of it more than once in our work.

Of course, we have made the fireplace more modern, adapting it to the spirit and needs of the 21st century. However, the restrained architecture, elegance and slimness that are characteristic of antique Art Nouveau style stoves and, especially, its Northern “National Romanticism” form have been fully retained in our design.

For this Art Nouveau tiled stove, our sculptors moulded a stylised linden mural in the chimney’s central part, and modelled consonant tiles, echoing the motif of the mural. The light and delicate translucent glaze made this rather large fireplace light and weightless, as if floating in the space of the room. In addition, the panels and tiles have small sparkling effects on the surfaces in relief, which adds a nuanced and understated charm to the fireplace, reminiscent of the winter fairy tale and frosted patterns on the windows.

From a technical standpoint, it is a very serious product with a 15kW cast iron firebox Kratki Maja Wieza, which is able to heat a space of 120 m2 in the burning mode. The fireplace is not afraid of intensive firing, which its brick counterparts are not very fond of.

18 000 €