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Russian Majolica

Our ceramic atelier is an association of artists and ceramists many of whom are members of various professional societies and associations based on family craft businesses.

This is why our works are of authorship even when we rework famous historical objects of art or use our standard molds.

This is also why you can get exceptional art objects made for your home in one singular exemplar. Even when they are made using our standard molds, there’s always a unique component to them: low relief murals, carved ceramics, art murals or complex multilayered brilliant glazing.

Bruegel Fireplace

Bruegel Fireplace


Fireplace ceramic tiling area - 9 sq.m.


The price listed is exclusively for the the production ceramic cladding.

Installation and shipping can be requested, but will require additional calculations.

Chamotte faience, glazes
Multiple high temperature firings
Entirely handmade

A large custom tiled fireplace in a modern style, combining geometric relief tiles and a panoramic mural based on Pieter Bruegel The Elder’s painting ‘Winter Landscape with Bird Trap’.

Initially the clients had planned to clad the body of their fireplace with talcomagnesite (soapstone), so it was prepared exactly for this material: the fireplace looked like a parallelepiped and took up a good part of a rather large room as a huge rectangular mass.

However, the love for warm spaces and classic paintings prevailed, so after seeing a sketch of a similar custom tiled fireplace in our Design section, the client contacted our studio.

At that moment we had just returned from a trip to Madrid, where we visited an exhibition of five representatives of the Breughel dynasty at the Gaviria Palace. So memories of the wonderful smoky miniatures by Pieter Bruegel the Elder were alive and inspired a large panoramic panel based on one of his most famous works, which we were just lucky enough to see in the original.

The Custom tiled fireplace turned out to be laconic and its mural really takes the centre stage, becoming the focal point not only of the fireplace, but of the living room as a whole.

17 000 €